Cosmetic Dentistry

A healthy, attractive smile is the most attention-grabbing feature of the face, which is why in many cases a person's confidence hinges on how they feel about the color, shape, and size of their teeth. The good news is, even the smallest change in your mouth can greatly improve the appearance of your teeth, which positively affects the way you feel about yourself. And with the modern advances of cosmetic dentistry, you don't have to live with broken, stained, or misshapen teeth. If you're tired of smiling with your lips, cosmetic dentistry is the ticket to a healthier smile and a more confident you.

Cosmetic Treatments

Did you know plastic surgery conceals the hints of aging? For some people, the perks sound appealing, but the procedure sounds frightening. Not all plastic surgery is. In fact there are many less invasive options, such as collagen injections or Botox. However, these options are temporary, which means they do not permanently solve the problem of aging.

Long ago, cosmetic dentistry was not considered a channel to achieve a younger-looking appearance. But in the culture we live in today, cosmetic dentistry is quite appealing as a route to conceal lines and wrinkles.

When asked, most people admit they are dissatisfied with their teeth and smile. Because of this, many people withhold from smiling, which over time causes the muscles of the mouth to weaken and the lower part of the face will sag, resulting in wrinkles. Picture in your mind the beautiful confidence you'd have to laugh and smile freely without feeling the shame or embarrassment of your teeth, the wrinkles around your mouth, or the sagging skin on your face. With the modern advances of cosmetic dentistry, all your complaints can be cured, leading to a newly-found confidence in yourself.

Dr. Solomon recognizes the personal charm and characteristics of everyone's smile and face. And because everyone is unique, we make it our mission to speak to each of our patient's on a personal level, asking specific questions, with the goal to carefully tailor our cosmetic dental procedures to their needs and desires. Cosmetic dentistry leads to a renewing of confidence each time you look in the mirror.


Cosmetic Dental Problems and Concerns

Congenitally Missing Teeth

A frequent issue we often see in patients is the absence of their lateral teeth (the teeth beside the two upper front teeth). When this occurs, the arch widens leaving a gap between the teeth. The eye teeth (the sharp teeth at the corners of the mouth) travel into the missing tooth space. If you're young, often times braces can correct this problem.

Many times you will see a "gummy look". If the spaces are blocked or even semi-closed, a helpful way to fix this is to insert porcelain veneers. However, to do this requires highly skillful expertise and an in-depth knowledge, along with artistic skill to master the illusion that the problem was never there.

Congenitally Missing Teeth Before

Congenitally Missing Teeth After

Enamel Defects

1) Bulimia and Acid Reflux - These issues destroy your enamel. Slowly they break down the enamel from the teeth at the gumline and often times at the back of the teeth where it is not visible. Teeth will slowly get thinner and thinner and chip effortlessly chip away. This not only affects the esthetic appearance of your teeth, more importantly, it causes drastic practical issues. If this damaging situation isn't handled properly, the mouth's bite can cave in and cause harmful issues with the jaw. If treated in the early stages, it is possible that bonding can be done to conceal the bare areas of the teeth.

2) Swimmers - Swimming in a heavily-concentrated pool of chlorinate can greatly effect the tooth's enamel, breaking it away and making it more vulnerable. (If you swim daily, you are more susceptibly to damage tooth enamel). To protect your mouth's health, we strongly advise you regularly see a dentist and let him know the extent of your swimming routine. Dentists can give you fluoride treatments that help strengthen and preserve the teeth, among other options, including a customized mouth guard to lessen the contact your teeth have to chlorinated water.

3) Enamel/Dentin Hypoplasia - Localized enamel hypoplasia refers to specific teeth that have hypoplastic, hypocalcified or hypomineralized areas on a tooth resulting from infection or trauma. This problem can fluctuate from minor to severe cases, in which pitting and abnormality may be substantial in the crown. Developmental (amelogenesis imperfecta), general disorders and lack of nutrients during infancy or metabolic conflicts during prenatal or neonatal life can result in hypoplasia. Tetracycline exposure, excessive ingestion of fluoride and high body temperature (fever) has also been implicated in enamel defects. Treatment options include crowns and veneers (if enough enamel remains) to protect the teeth from chipping and breaking as well as to improve overall esthetics, reduce sensitivity and restore function.

4) Excessive Use of Soda/Citrus Drinks - Phosphoric acid is one of the many detrimental ingredients in sodas like Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and more. Phosphoric acid is like a razor sharp knife to your enamel. It cuts away at that precious protective layer. Along with sodas, citrus drinks also cause harm to your tooth enamel because of the citric acid contained in them. When you submerge your teeth in sweet juices and sticky sodas, (especially if you sip slowly, which allows the acid to stay in the mouth too long), it can cause the enamel to slowly erode, which breaks down that protective barrier, allowing your teeth to be exposed to bad bacteria. Another harmful way to break down your tooth enamel is by sucking on lemon slices. If an ample amount of tooth enamel breaks down, we will consider your treatment options in order to reconstruct the damage.

Enamel Defects Before

Enamel Defects After

Gapped Teeth

Invisalign can bring separated teeth closer together and remain corrected, so as not to revert to their original gap?however, Invisalign might not be possible for every gap problem. To begin with, your gapped teeth must both be correct and symmetrical to one another in the curve of your mouth. However, if the gap is too drastic or if the teeth are not attractive to start with, you have the option to request porcelain veneers as a necessary option to correct this problem. Veneers are thin custom-made, tooth-colored shells that are used to conceal the front side of teeth, fill spaces between teeth, and fill in teeth that are chipped or worn down, permanently stained, slightly crooked, or misshapen.

Gapped Teeth Before

Gapped Teeth After

Rotated and Crowed Smile

Teeth can be de-rotated with Invisalign within a few months, as long as the shape and size of the individual teeth are not crooked or misshapen in any way. But if the teeth are crooked or distorted, separating them will only cause them to be placed in the correct position in your arch and will still need the aid of porcelain veneers. If the crowding and rotation is drastic, we recommend you pursue both Invisalign and veneers. However, if the crowding is a small issue, we may encourage one or the other (Invisalign or veneers).



Severe Discoloration from Tetracycline

Tetracycline is an antibiotic used to cure many illnesses. Tetracycline can cause severe discoloration of teeth in children. The discoloration that is caused does not positively react to bleaching, and may require several laser bleaching treatments to accomplish the outcome desired. A popular alternative for Tetracycline discoloration teeth is porcelain veneers.

Severe Discoloration Before

Severe Discoloration After

Small Teeth

It's not unusual for certain teeth to be smaller than others. This occurs with intense rubbing and nighttime grinding or a mixture of grinding and acid erosion. However, small teeth aren't always caused from bad habits. Many times, teeth are simply concealed beneath the gum line. The problem can be solved by raising the gums with a cosmetic laser. Also if your upper lip has limited movement, it can give the impression of small teeth. If this is the case, plastic surgery can cure the problem. If that doesn't appeal to you, porcelain veneers can will lengthen the teeth and give you an incredible new smile.

Small Teeth Before

Small Teeth After

Gummy Smile / Uneven Teeth

Uneven gums levels can give teeth an uneven and asymmetric appearance, making one tooth appear shorter than the matching tooth on the opposite side. A laser gum lift can easily correct this and restore the symmetry. Porcelain veneers could be necessary to correct teeth that are misshaped.